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It didn’t take long, after starting to fly around in a small airplane in pursuit of his commercial aerial photography profession, for Owen Kanzler to begin to recognize the artistic potential of the aerial perspective. He would often see inspiring sights, not on the day’s commercial shooting agenda, which he felt compelled to photograph for purely personal and artistic reasons. This personal work was pursued for several years simply for its enjoyment until friends who saw it encouraged him to share it with a wider audience. Art galleries and museums were approached, and a new and parallel career as an aerial artist was born.

Owen Kanzler’s fine art aerial photography has been shown in many art galleries, museums, and other public exhibition spaces for the last 20+ years, and is now in several museum, corporate, university, government, and private collections. This side of his work is represented by, and available through, one of the oldest photography art galleries in the world: Afterimage Gallery, Dallas, Texas, USA. Please visit their website through the link below to see a wider selection of the fine art aerial photographs of Owen Kanzler. (Please note that the prices of fine art prints do not reflect the fees for general commercial work.)

For quotations on all your commercial and/or personal aerial photography needs, please contact us directly through our contact page.

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